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We started out as a small independent producer of narrative, documentary and commercial films and we're still that same small independent producer. We've won producing awards, film festival awards, and have been screened in many countries through the world.  We love to tell stories and work with passionate people be it for commercial purposes, non-profit, kickstarter campaigns, family documentary or other.  We will always listen to hear a story you want to tell.


Michael Afendkais



Had the great pleasure of staying with some delightful friends in Montana, in their amazing home, and I paid them back by flying this drone everywhere. This was all shot on a DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Shot 4K 30FPS, shot custom -1, -1, -1. Color - None, Video format - MOV. I did very slight color correction with shadows and highlights. No color grading. Edited in FCP 10.3. Music - from Music Bed - "BLUR" by Kerry Muzzey. Shot this over a few days, mostly in the morning and there were a few days where it was terribly windy. The shot over the trees with the warmer background about half way through was done on a particularly windy day and the DJI Phantom 4 did spectacularly well. I am quite impressed with the quality of the footage, and it was really about the third flight I took with the drone. Very easy to operate and fly. Shot near Bozeman, Montana in February.